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Since our founding, we've been involved in different ways throughout our community. Learn about our specific projects that we have accomplished

Vietnam Project 1

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Vietnam Project 2

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Working with the UDL in Boston

This has been a long and continued partnership in Outreach Debate where we work with the Urban Debate League of Boston to further educational resources to debaters who are typically lower income minority individuals. We've worked with them through our international debate tournament and are volunteering at their summer camp.

Winter Camp

Our flagship camp lasted 5 days and took place during Winter break. Outreach Debate obtained more than 80 signups and had instructors from Oklahoma, Ohio, Florida, Arizona, Vietnam, and Massachusetts. We boasted nearly 20% of our students being international!


Partnering with the NADC

Outreach Debate partnered with the North American Debate Circuit to host an international tournament in May. We gave out a $50 cash prize and expanded our events in Worlds Schools Debate.

Summer Camp

Outreach Debate boasted more than 180+ signups and top tier instructors. We provided 300+ pages of prep at the end of camp and had a final camp tournament. We boasted a ~23% international debater ratio ranging from Vietnam, Keyna, Kazakhstan, India, Canada.

Outreach Debate x National Debate League of China

This ongoing imitative is our work with the National Debate League of China. We worked with 10 Chinese debate teams in preparation for the national tournament, providing lectures on weighing and strategy and a 100+ page prep document

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