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Outreach Debate 

Online Winter Debate Camp


International and available to all.

Free debate lessons and opportunities,  

all taught by the world's top debaters. 

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connect with a global community of debaters!


Summer '23 Instructors

Our instructors have championed the Peach State Tournament, championed the Palm Classic, championed the Yale Invitiational, finaled the UK Season Opener, finaled Glenbrooks, finaled TOC Digital 1, Semifinaled the Blake Tournament, quartered the Barkley Forum, reached eliminations at the Tournament of Champions, autoqualled through NSDAs and NCFLs, and amassed 59 bids to the TOC.

Ilan Arias: NSU School
Eva Redmond: The Blak
e School
Leo Jia: Saratoga Highschool
Neil Jin: Boston Latin School
Sasha Cara: Princeton Highschool
Ramon Perez: West Broward Highschool
Ethan Jacobs: Myers Park Highschool
Fiona Hu: Cary Academy
Ella Zhang: Cary Academy
Usho Watanbe: Tapei America Highschool
Aaron Tian: Thomas Wootton Highschool
Grant Goering: Norman North Highschool
Ridwan Siddique: Norman North Highschool
Nikhil Daniel: Trinity School


Winter '22 Instructors

Sam Chen: Boston Latin School
Duaa Ali: Dreyfoos School
Raiyan Choudhury: BASIS Chandler
Julien Benchek: Hawen
Kaveri Krishnamoorthy: Newton South
Ishan Tewari: Newton South
Michelle Su: Northview Highschool
Peggy Wu: Saigon South
Shannon Nguyen: Saigon South


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