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An immersive one week debate camp awaits you

Outreach Debate welcomes all debaters to its annual summer debate camp from June 30th - July 6. Learn from the best of the best at little to no cost.

Our Directors

eva redmond_edited.jpg

Nikhil Daniel, Camp Director

Nikhil is a rising junior at Trinity Prep High School in Florida. He's one of the captains of his PF team and has been debating for three years. Over that time, He's earned 11 bids to the TOC and been ranked as high as 11th nationally. His favorite aspects of debate include theory, weighing, and impact turns. Outside of debate, He loves playing with my dog, listening to Drake, and watching “Suits”. He's excited to work with everyone!

Eva Redmond, Camp Director

Eva is a rising senior at Blake in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has received 11 bids to the TOC, where she broke and received 5th speaker her sophomore year. She has championed UK, Apple Valley, the Blake Round Robin, the Ivy Street Round Robin, and Emory,  and been ranked as high as 1st nationally. Eva leads the Minnesota branch of Outreach Debate, directs the Outreach Newsletter, and has instructed at past summer and winter camps. 

Kion Manesh, Camp Director

Kion Manesh debated at Fairmont Prep for 4 years. In that time, he qualified to Tournament of Champions three times and amassed 5 career bids. Most notably, he semifinaled Apple Valley, octafinaled Berkeley, and reached out rounds at tournaments like ASU, Yale, Stanford, the TOC Digital Series, and more. Kion loves to teach and is super excited to be helping direct the Summer Outreach Debate Camp!

Important Information

  • We ask all financially able debaters to donate $10 - $15 to our camp. Our camps incur costs that add up from tabroom and Zoom. If you'd like to see the long term success of our program, please donate! Only 50% of our registrants donating would ensure our summer camp could run for 3 years

  • Applications to instruct our open, and under review by our camp directors. Apply here.

Our Instructors

amanda rose_edited.jpg

Amanda Rose DeStefano

Amanda Rose is a rising senior at Trinity Prep who loves to run topical fem as well as fem k's. She has done both LD and PF, but she prefers PF. She has semifinaled at Sunvite in VPF, earned multiple TOC bids, and qualified for NSDA nationals in PF twice. Her favorite color is pink, and her favorite shows are One Tree Hill and Succession.

michi synn_edited.jpg
hamza banatwala_edited.jpg

Hamza Banatwala

Hi! My name is Hamza Banatwala and I am a rising junior at Blake. My most notable achievement so far is semifinals at STOC, Octafinals at Blake tournament and breaking at Apple Valley. I have some experience in WSD and prefer technical debates. Some of my favorite music artists are The Weeknd, Future, and SZA and I look forward to helping out!

luke zimmer_edited.jpg
sudeep vattikuti_edited.jpg

Sudeep Vattikuti

Hey y’all, I’m Sudeep! I’m a rising senior at BASIS Peoria in Arizona. So far, I’ve won ASU, CSU Fullerton, Millard, accumulated 9 bids to the TOC, and finished rank 6th in NDCAs. Outside of debate, I enjoy playing basketball with my friends, listening to music, and trying out boba flavors. So excited for camp!

lucy chong_edited.jpg

Michi Synn

Michi is a rising senior and has been debating since the 5th grade, and in PF since 8th grade. Now, she debates at Canyon Crest Academy with various wonderful partners! She is extremely comfortable with teaching lay debate, impact weighing, speech organization, and efficiency, especially in summary speeches. Michi has done both the first and second speaker positions and has amassed 12 bids to the Tournament of Champions as well as many top 10 speaker awards at tournaments such as TOC, UNLV, LCC, James Logan, UK Season Opener, TOC Digital Series, and more. Michi LOVES Bojack Horseman, The Good Place, and all products from Trader Joe's, and she is so excited to teach at Outreach this summer.

Luke Zimmer

Luke is a senior at Carrollton High School, where he is the captain of his debate team and plays tennis. Luke has been debating since his freshman year of high school, and has won his state’s 1st year state championship, 2nd year state championship, and varsity state championship in public forum debate, along with amassing two TOC bids along the way. He has a love for music, especially Bob Dylan and Sade, and his favorite pre-round song is Georgia on My Mind by Ray Charles. Fun fact: Luke has lived in 4 different countries!

Lucy Chong

Lucy Chong is going into her junior year at Trinity Prep in Central Florida. She has been doing public forum for 4 years and has earned 8 bids to the TOC, ranking as high as 11th in the nation. In her free time, Lucy enjoys writing for her school's paper, baking pastries, and eating sushi!

willie tsai_edited.jpg

Willie Tsai

Willie is a rising junior at Fairmont Prep in Anaheim, California. He accumulated 5 TOC bids last year and has the most NSDA points of any Sophomore in California. Outside of debate, he loves playing video games and listening to music.

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 1.16_edited.jpg

Ali Fehmi

Hi! I’m Ali, a rising senior and public forum debater at Canyon Crest. I’ve competed at a total of 19 tournaments, reached finals at two of them, and qualified to GTOC and Nationals. In my free time I like to eat and sleep. I am looking forward to teaching at Outreach!

Our History

Our instructors have historically been some of the best debaters in the nation. They have championed the Peach State Tournament, championed the Palm Classic, championed the Yale Invitational, finaled the UK Season Opener, finaled Glenbrooks, finaled TOC Digital 1, semifinaled the Blake Tournament, quartered the Barkley Forum, reached eliminations at the Tournament of Champions, autoqualified through NSDAs and NCFLs, and amassed 80+ bids to the TOC.

Special Thank You to Outreach Debate Instructors and Directors

Ilan Arias: NSU School
Eva Redmond: The Blake School
Leo Jia: Saratoga Highschool
Neil Jin: Boston Latin School
Sasha Cara: Princeton Highschool
Ramon Perez: West Broward Highschool
Ethan Jacobs: Myers Park Highschool
Fiona Hu: Cary Academy
Ella Zhang: Cary Academy
Usho Watanbe: Tapei America Highschool
Aaron Tian: Thomas Wootton Highschool
Grant Goering: Norman North Highschool
Ridwan Siddique: Norman North Highschool
Nikhil Daniel: Trinity School


Summer '23 Alumni

Sam Chen: Boston Latin School
Duaa Ali: Dreyfoos School
Raiyan Choudhury: BASIS Chandler
Julien Benchek: Hawen
Kaveri Krishnamoorthy: Newton South
Ishan Tewari: Newton South
Michelle Su: Northview Highschool
Peggy Wu: Saigon South
Shannon Nguyen: Saigon South


Winter '23 Alumni

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