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Access FREE resources to start a debate community from scratch.

Here's what we offer to our organization members:

Public Speaking & Debate Curriculum

Understand the fundamentals of what a good organization should teach its members to master public speaking and debate.

Detailed Lesson Videos & Slideshows

Download high-quality lesson materials that teach specific public speaking topics: including writing speeches, debate strategies, progressive debate, and more.

101 Document: How to Run a Debate Club

Hear from experienced debate leaders about how to start and effectively run a debate club. Learn about reaching out to judges, tabulating tournaments, and more!

Our resources are created by some of the best debaters in the world and will help your organization become the best that it can be.

What if I already have an existing organization,
but want to use Outreach Debate resources to grow it?

You don't have to start an Outreach Branch to become a leader. Access our resources by registering as an Outreach Debate Affiliate Organization!

What if I have little to no debate or public speaking experience? 
Can I still become an Outreach Debate leader?

At Outreach Debate, we believe that anybody is capable of being a great leader and building a community! Our resources are available to everyone who registers as a Branch Leader or Affiliate Organization. 

Expanding the borders of public speaking.




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 Lead an Outreach Debate Branch in your community with free help and resources from us. 

It's easy!

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