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 Our Founding Story: Outreach Debate

Two debaters from opposite sides of the world

seeking to bridge the gap.

Outreach Debate started when two debaters met at a summer camp in Philadelphia. Realizing the beauty of international debate connections and wanting to spread their love for debate, both of them sought to internationalize the world of debate and make public speaking opportunities more accessible... and from there Outreach Debate was born. 

A journey to make public communities and resources globally accessible

Sam and Justine noticed that debate was often isolated into small communities. Debaters in the United States only view debate from a western and US-centric lens despite a world of different perspectives and debaters waiting to be discovered. After winning nationals in Vietnam, Justine wanted to explore how she could challenge herself and her debate community. Both of these concerns led to the creation of Outreach Debate, an organization that strengthens, educates, and connects debaters globally. 

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