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Upcoming Tournaments

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Outreach Debate National Tournament in sponsor with the Coolidge Foundation


What Was The Genesis Challenge?

The Mission

We sought out to do more than just host a tournament but to educate debaters in a different way. We incorporated the use of our partners,  Contention.AI and the Speak Out Campaign, to offer A.I. debate tools, $200 in prizes, and guest speakers who would talk about how to use your voice for political activism

Past Tournaments

Outreach Debate Summer Camp: Tabroom

June 2023

Outreach Debate Winter Camp: Tabroom

Winter 2022

38 Tournament Entries | 80+ Campers

64 Tournament Entries | 180+ Campers

North American Debate Cup x Outreach Debate

May 2023

20 Entries

The Genesis Challenge: Tabroom

September 2023

201 Members | 100+ Competitors and Judges

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